Pharmaceutical Applications – HVAC for Laboratories

Pharmaceutical facilities require highly specialized air handling services in order to maintain safe, compliant, and successful operations

Computer Room

Common air conditioning is not the most dependable cooling method for your company’s computer room or information technology station. By contrast, computer room air conditioning (CRAC) from Dykier Engineering is built for 24/7 use in a wide range of outdoor conditions, 365 days per year.

Custom Equipment

Whether it’s cooling or heating systems, custom designed equipment is what sets Dykier Engineering apart from the competition. We engineer, design, and construct air conditioning and heating systems for a wide range of commercial clients – from office building comfort heating/cooling, to process cooling for manufacturing and laboratories.


Whether you’re seeking a brand new or retrofit HVAC system, Dykier Engineering can construct a cost-effective appliance that meets your facility regulations and serves your building environment for years to come.