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Los Angeles HVAC for Laboratories
Los Angeles HVAC for Laboratories
Los Angeles HVAC for Laboratories
Los Angeles HVAC for Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Applications – HVAC for Laboratories

Pharmaceutical facilities require highly specialized air handling services in order to maintain safe, compliant, and successful operations. For our valued pharmaceutical clients, we offer the following quality services:

Fume Hood Controls

To minimize the risk of dangerous fume rollout, face velocity should be maintained between 80 and 120 feet per minute. Dykier Engineering utilizes Siemens fume hood controllers that constantly monitor exhaust volumetric flow, and sash position along with high speed linear actuators to maintain consistent face velocity. These controllers reduce laboratory air changes during periods of non usage, thereby significantly reducing the amounts of fan and HVAC energy used in your pharmaceutical or laboratory setting.

Room Pressurization

For pharmacies and labs, maintaining adequate room-to-room relative differential air pressure relationships is mandatory. Our experienced technicians are familiar with the room layouts, airflow patterns, and control strategies that set the standard in pharmaceutical and lab applications; and, are trained in the safety analysis of the pressure relationships within laboratory buildings. Finally, they can also incorporate fume hood controllers to ensure optimal room pressurization year round.

Hepa Filtration

Airborne particles are the vehicles upon which harmful microorganisms are transported. Hepa filtration reduces more than 99% of these particles in an air stream. Our pleated, V-shaped filters have greatly enhanced the filter areas of countless labs, enabling them to operate with a minimized pressure drop.

Our pharmaceutical services also include:

  • UV air sterilization
  • Energy recovery loops
  • Indirect cooling by evaporation

To learn how these services can raise the quality of your lab environment – or, for questions regarding any of the above services – please contact Dykier Engineering for a complimentary evaluation.

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