Whether you’re seeking a brand new or retrofit HVAC system, Dykier Engineering can construct a cost-effective appliance that meets your facility regulations and serves your building environment for years to come.

At Dykier Engineering, not a single apparatus is constructed carelessly or “thrown together” with substandard parts; instead, our engineers custom design each HVAC system according to customer specifications.

With every construction order, we commit to:

  • Using sound and mathematics and engineering principles
  • Determining the most accurate heat, cooling, and solar capacities possible
  • Fast, reliable turnaround times

And with our proprietary Miser-Cool technology, many businesses can save energy through indirect evaporation cooling (IDEC). Miser-Cool is ideal for laboratories and other buildings at risk for high infiltration (air changes) relative to conductive and internal heat load. With these advanced systems, your facility may use as little as 10 percent of the energy consumed by traditional compression air conditioning, while still performing at top capacity.

In general, we design, Install, repair, replace, maintain, and service HVAC, CRAC, AC, Cooling Towers and ordinary Air Conditioning Installations and Products. Dykier means Quality.

For more information on Miser-Cool systems or other tailor-made HVAC construction systems, contact Dykier Engineering to request a complimentary consultation appointment.


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